Simple, low cost invoice monitoring that get's you paid on time


1. Fill in the invoice template

2.  Email it across to us

3.  Leave it to us!!



A simple service that sends and monitors your invoices for just 99p per invoice  - making sure you get paid on time and easing your cash flow


Many small businesses suffer from customers paying late and often don't have the resources to effectively manage their invoices.  This can result in late payments and bad debt that ultimately affects the cash flow and overall performance of the business.


At last, Pendragon Credit Control have the answer to those overdue invoices and late paying clients - a simple, pay as you go invoice monitoring service.


We provide you with a free invoice template.  You fill it in and email it back to us.  We send it to your client and follow a pre-arranged plan to monitor the process of the invoice and ensure payment is made in a timely fashion.  That's it!  And from only 99p per invoice.


  • No set-up fees                    
  • No long term contracts
  • Pay as you go service
  • Simple to use and free invoice template   

We understand that late payment of invoices can be cause huge problems and how to deal with these customers that pay late is often difficult for small businesses.


So if you can relate to any of the following we may be the answer to your problems:


- your customers are paying late

- your cash flow isn't what it should be

- you struggle to find/ allocate time to monitor and chase invoices

- you don't have the luxury of an accounts department to effectively manage your invoicing tasks

- you are not aware of your legal rights

- you are not sure what should be included on your invoices

- you have overdue accounts and overdue invoices

- your requests for payment are being ignored

- you use your overdraft, personal money (private savings, personal overdraft, credit cards etc) to help ease cash flow problems

- you think a client is struggling financially and may go bankrupt owing you money

- you are being 'bullied' by clients who regularly withold payments

- you find it difficult to approach clients regarding overdue invoices and payments




So why choose us?

  • extremely economical fixed price of 99p per invoice - the cheapest in the UK by far!!
  • no set-up fees or initial 'admin' fees
  • no long term contracts or minimum usage - it's a simple 'pay as you go' service
  • customer service orientated approach working with you and your clients to strengthen customer relations
  • simple 60 second account set-up
  • simple invoice template provided
  • free solicitors letter included (if required) for every invoice
  • weekly progress reports for each invoice




Unlike many credit control or invoicing companies that may take a harsh no-nonsense approach with your customers that may ultimately alienate them, we pride ourselves on being customer service orientated with client satisfaction and retention being key objectives.


While debt collection is part of the service that we offer, we do not class ourselves as a debt collection service.  Instead we see ourselves as an 'Invoice Monitoring' service and work proactively with your clients to ensure that the invoicing and payment processes are as simple and  efficient as possible.  We work tirelessly on your behalf to help prevent any invoices being paid late or becoming 'bad debt' in the first place.


We follow a plan, chosen by yourselves, to issue and monitor the progress of your invoices, dealing with any payment queries or disputes should they arise.  We work with you and your client to ensure that you get paid in a timely fashion and it is important to remember that:


every pound that is overdue directly affects your cash flow and your ability to operate a business effectively.




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