Expertise through experience

Specialising solely in proactive invoice monitoring and collection services, we focus all of our knowledge and expertise into these procedures and don't diversify and offer a myriad of other services.


We are well known for our flat rate 99p invoice monitoring and are trusted by all types and size of business throughout the UK.  Our customer service orientated approach is an essential part of our success, helping you to maintain and indeed develop your customer relations without the no-holds barred tactics that similar businesses adopt.  We know the problems faced by many small businesses because we've been there before.....




PENDRAGON CREDIT CONTROLwas originally established as a result of our founder members' own past business experiences and also those of friends, family and associates.  The idea of running a small business seemed liberating and exciting but in reality it often meant having many individual roles and juggling many balls all at once.  


People would often find themselves working long hours marketing the business, keeping accounts, dealing with wages, actually providing the sevice that they were paid for, dealing with customers, ordering parts etc etc etc.  The list goes on and on. Keeping track of invoices, who has paid and who hasn't, was often just another time consuming task that frankly wasn't prioritised.  And anyway in highly competitive times, the last thing most people want to do was 'alienate' their hard earned clients by daring to ask for payment! 


People would put off increasing prices for years despite overheads and other business costs increasing year after year.  Often they would let clients pay on their own terms and would end up doing additional work for peanuts hoping that it would put them in a good light.


Whatever their business, they could all associate with that sick feeling in their stomach, the dread of looking at the bank balance to see if funds had cleared to pay their own overheads and bills, the overdraft limit being extended again.  And all too often, what had started off as an exciting venture was just becoming a life of stress which was affecting home life too.


Why was this happening?


Why did these sound business ideas seem to be struggling?


In most cases there was one common factor, one simple fundamental part of any business that just wasn't being addressed.....





Everybody has heard this word, but many don't really understand or appreciate the importance of it in the running of a successful business.  It is the 'blood' of your business, what gives your business life.  The cash flowing through your business affects everything you do.  Your outgoing cash must be at least equalled or exceeded by the cash coming in for you to survive, and hopefully prosper.  If it doesn't then you are on a slippery slope that will only get slippier unless you do something about it.


All too often, the sales are there but people just don't understand why they can't get their heads above water.  And in a lot of cases a major factor is that the invoicing systems are poor or even non existent - they send the invoice then forget about it.  They often don't realise, or are happy to accept rather than risk upsetting a client, that their invoices are being paid several months down the line and sometimes not at all!!





If there's one thing you take from looking at our website, even if you choose not to use our services,  let it be this...




You've done the work, you've supplied the products, you've done your part of the bargain - and now you would like to be paid.  And in a timely fashion too.  


But we realise that this can still be a daunting task for many people and often people will not like the 'confrontational' aspect of asking their clients about late payments and outstanding monies.  And that was the catalyst for the creation of Pendragon Credit Control - a third party who can deal with peoples invoices and payments on their behalf ensuring that invoices are paid in a timely fashion and helping to improve that all important cash flow for their business.


If you can relate to any of the following then we will be able to help you too:


  • you do not have the luxury of an accounts or finance department to effectively manage their invoicing tasks
  • you struggle to find/ allocate time to monitor and chase invoices
  • you find it difficult and too expensive to use various software packages 
  • you are unaware of what should be included on invoices
  • you find it difficult to approach clients regarding late payments
  • you are not aware of your legal rights
  • you struggle with cash flow issues
  • you are not comfortable with 'pressurising' clients for money owed

We understand the pressures of running a business and the importance of cash flow for survival and success.  As such, our experienced team can provide a simple cost, effective solution to your invoicing problems -  'expertise through experience' as the saying goes!

Overview: what we can do for you

  • send, monitor and 'chase' your invoices
  • improve your cash flow 
  • free up your time dealing with invoices and late payments
  • help to identify high risk clients
  • send out solicitors' letters
  • arrange court proceedings
  • debt collection
  • provide a flexible pay-as-you-go service.  No set-up fees, long term contracts or minimum usage
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