The cost per invoice is a flat rate 99p (invoice management fee).


That's it - it can't be any simpler or upfront!


This will get your invoice emailed to your client and monitored in line with your chosen credit control plan.  All subsequent reminder emails, monitoring, weekly progress reports, liaisons with your client, even the solicitor's letter if required, are all included in the 99p fee!


In the event that The Late Payment Legislation is applied, we charge an additional collection fee of £25.00, £40.00 or £60.00 depending on the invoice amount and in relation to the 3 tiers of compensation allowed,  to reflect our additional workload in getting to this satge and dealing with such matters.


 This is applied to your invoice as a recovery cost and recovered from your debtor in successful claims.  And if court action is ever required and instructed, our solicitors can even recover most if not all of these legal costs from your debtor in successful claims as well, leaving you with in effect


100% FREE DEBT COLLECTION.  Well, apart from your 99p initial outlay!*


Amendment fees

Occasionally you may make an error on your invoice that you send to us.  If you instruct us to amend the invoice (instruction by email only) we will charge an additional amendment fee of £0.50.  If you email us a revised invoice then there will be no amendment fee but may be a resubmission fee (see below).


Resubmission fees

Where we have to resubmit a revised invoice, any such resubmittions of invoices to your debtors will be treated as new invoices and will also incur additional 99p charges.  



Posted invoices

The 99p management fee and any subsequent amendment or resubmission fees detailed above, apply to email invoicing only.  Where invoices cannot be sent electronically i.e. they have to be printed and posted, additional charges will obviously be incurred and prices start from £3.99 management fee per invoice for a recorded delivery posting.  Any subsequent amendments are £0.99 each and re-posting are subject to additional £3.99 resubmission surcharges.


Legal costs and 'intermediary'fees

If all else has failed and you decide to take legal action to reclaim monies owed, these litigation costs (solicitors fees and court costs) and recoverable amounts will be explained to you prior to any action being taken and can be viewed on our solicitors website for your perusal.


We will charge a flat rate fee of £95.00 for acting as your legal 'intermediary' once court proceedings have been issued.  We will liaise with the solicitors on your behalf, providing the debt details, the invoice information and management processes involved and all of the correspondence involved.  Our legal intermediary costs are included in our payment terms on the invoices and again recoverable from your debtor in successful claims.*


This is not a "no win, no fee" service.


 We do not operate on a “no win no fee” basis.  This is mainly for 2 reasons:


1.  To do so would mean that we would have to dramatically increase our basic 99p management fee, and so the vast majority of our clients would lose out financially


2.  It encourages our clients to be precise and fair in their invoicing.  In the past, a very small minority of customers have attempted to claim unfair amounts from their debtors, safe in the knowledge that on a no win no fee basis, they wouldn't lose out (be charged for our services) if they were unsuccessful in their claim.


 We invoice you at the end of each month for all fees raised during that month and these fees are payable by you regardless of whether the debt has been paid at that point or whatever the final outcome of the debt is.  

We do not offer a guarantee of success as this will be determined by the various circumstances that are outside of our control.  Where legal action has been taken and processed with the Courts, payment for the Court fees and solictors costs etc may be payable immediately and you will be invoiced for these directly from the solicitors/ Courts.. 




*     in successful claims, costs are recovered from the debtor in the vast majority of cases.  However, recovery of any costs are never fully guaranteed due to the individual circumstances of each case and the individual discretions of the Judges involved.   Please see our Terms and Conditions for further details .

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