The Process Explained         

Keeping It Simple!!

In more detail:

  1. Take 60 seconds to set up an account (a one-off process)
  2. Download our template invoice form and fill in your invoice details.
  3. Email us the invoice
  4. Leave it to us!

All you have to do then is notify us immediately of the details of any payment made.


Firstly though......


For ongoing contracts, before you submit your completed invoice to us to forward to your client, it is vital in the interests of good business practice, to inform your client of the changes in your invoicing system, preferably by email for reference purposes.  (For new or one-off clients this isn't as necessary as they will not know any different.)


We would suggest including the following statement or something similar, emailed to the person or department that you usually send your invoices to.


"..................As from (approximate date) we have decided to outsource our invoicing processes to Pendragon Credit Control to help alleviate our workload, reduce costs and improve our general business performance .  Future invoices will be sent directly from them and they will manage the payment processes for us but please direct any business and invoice queries to us/ me as usual. Payments will be made directly to us in the usual way.   Please add the '' domain to your approved email recipient list.   If you have any queries regarding any of this please contact me/ us at your convenience........."


As we monitor the progress of your invoice(s) we will compile and send you a weekly progress report/ statement showing the progress and status of your invoice(s), a summary of your debt position relating to the invoice(s) and projected payment receipts.  


On the template download page you will find lots of advice, explanations and tips on what to insert on the various sections of the invoice template and why.  Just fill in your details in the spaces and choose your credit control plan (see the credit control plans link above).


Once completed, save a copy for your reference and then send us the invoice as an attachment to the email address given to you during the account set-up.  This will typically be:


'your business name'


but if you send it to our main email address by mistake, it won't be the end of the world and we'll just transfer it to your file.


We will then forward the invoice on and monitor the payment process for you as stipulated on your chosen credit control plan.


You will receive weekly progress reports on the status of each invoice.


As soon as you receive any payment, please inform us so that we can terminate the credit control process.  This is extremely important as sending unnecessary emails / reminders to your clients looks unprofessional and may incur unnecessary additional costs.  


Any data that you send us will be stored safely and in line with data protection protocol and our site has an SSL Certificate for your added security and protection.


Flexibility is the key!


We understand the pressures of running a business and the importance of keeping overheads low.  That's why we are totally flexible in the services that we offer:

  • use us for a one-off invoice, for a handful of 'difficult' clients, for a few recurring invoices or for every invoice you ever create.  Or don't even use us at all - take as much information as you can from this website and put it to good use in your invoicing processes
  • the prices are the same however much you use us and regardless of the invoice amount
  • there's no 'set-up' fees, no 'admin' fees, no long term contracts -  just feel free to use our services whenever it suits



What if payment is still not forthcoming?


We've followed the credit control plan as required - we've emailed the invoice, we've sent the follow up emails and reminders as usual, and even given a final demand and a grace period - but still nothing has been paid and no valid reason given.  We've even informed them of late payment fees and interest, but to no avail.


It's time to act and get a solicitors letter sent out immediately - don't worry, even the cost of this letter is included in your 99p fee!


In the vast majority of cases this formal letter from a solicitor is all that is required to get the debt paid.


Very occassionally the invoice may be disputed or payment is still not forthcoming.  In this instance the next step is to take legal action.   Please use the link below or the tab at the top of the page for the next 'debt collection' phase.






Contact us to request more information





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