It works, but why?

We have made it a very simple, transparent process for our clients with flat rate charges and no tie-ins or commitments on your part.  You can use us for a one-off invoice, for re-curring invoices or for every single invoice you create - the choice is entirely yours and the costs per invoice are the same - a flat rate 99p.


But why do your clients pay up on time more often when the invoice is sent from us rather than from you?


Well this could be for a number of reasons:

  1. because you have 'outsourced' your invoicing and a specialist company is dealing with it, businesses are less likely to 'take advantage' or be tempted to fob us off with excuses
  2. our professional yet friendly approach with reminders and follow up emails or calls not only gets your invoice noticed but also lets the company know that we are monitoring its' payment
  3. by ensuring that all of the relevant details are present and correct on the invoice, there is less chance of discrepancies arising at a later date which could delay payment 
  4. all invoices and the vast majority of our correspondence is via email, which is auditable and trackable.  There is proof that the email was sent at a certain time on a certain day.  We even have software which tells us exactly when the email was opened at the 'other end'.  And if it or subsequent reminder emails are not opened, we ring up to make enquiries as to why.  Just ignoring an email is no grounds for non-payment or late payment, even if it has gone into a spam folder.  It's a bit like putting an unopened letter into a drawer and forgetting about it - it's not a good enough reason to make our clients wait longer than necessary for payment 
  5. We are an impartial third party in the whole process and so where you may find it difficult or awkward to ask for payment and may even avoid 'pestering' for payment completely, we will not.  Please don't take this as meaning we will be rude, confrontational or unsympathetic - we will most definitely not be any of those.  But we will require payment to be made in good time.  You have done the work, you have supplied the product or service at your own expense and now you would like paying for it -SIMPLE. You wouldn't walk into a restaurant, have a slap up meal and then say you'll pay for it in a couple of months time. Or maybe 3 months.   And do you think the builder who's just built your lovely extension would agree to be paid later in the year?  No of course you wouldn't and you have to adopt the same approach to your invoicing.
  6. We have included a variety of terms and conditions on our invoice templates that will allow us to exercise our statutory rights with regards to any late payment.   These terms on your invoice act as a deterrent against paying late.


Didn't you know that you can charge late payment fees and interest on commercial debts under The Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013?  For full details click on the menu to the left.



On top of all this,    THIS IS WHAT WE DO!


We don't offer other services or diversify, we are specialists in invoice processing alone.


We are not a factoring company.

We don't borrow money or arrange finance.

We are not accountants.

We are not business managers.

We are not selling you software products.

We don't promote other businesses.


There is no reason to tolerate late payments and overdue invoices any more.   If you want help in collecting late payments and unpaid invoices and want overdue accounts settled, we offer a low cost invoice management solution that can help.  



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